Coal and Natural Resources

Southern West Virginia’s coal and other natural resources are among the greatest in our nation. I feel that we need to continue using our fossil fuels and invest in new technology to extend the life of our current natural resources throughout the state. Not only has our natural resources ensured our freedom in the past, they will help us achieve cheap energy independence in the future.

Second Amendment

As a card carrying member of the NRA, I am a strong supporter of our second amendment. In Charleston, I not only have a very conservative voting record regarding firearms, I have been the lead sponsor or co-sponsor of over 40 bills protecting our gun rights here in West Virginia. When I go to Washington, I will fight non-stop in order to protect our God given right to bear arms.

National Security

Our national security, both abroad and at home, is one of the most important issues to me. Our military has kept our mainland safe by being a dominant global leader. By investing in new technologies, we can strengthen our partnerships with allies and continue opening up new partnerships. The 3rd Congressional District is already utilizing our post-mine property for training programs for the U.S. Military. From dirt landing strips, to ATV training courses, to drop zones, both our nation and international partners see the value of our land. We currently have these facilities in Southern West Virginia the Dept. of Defense take advantage of, but we also have the terrain to expand and open more opportunities.


Life is so precious that we sometimes take it for granted. I remember the joy I got seeing the first ultrasound of my baby girl and then watching her tiny toes and fingers forming. I am a strong Pro-Life candidate, and my voting record in Charleston shows this. In Washington, I will ensure that all life is protected and Planned Parenthood is defunded.


As any American feels, I am not a big fan of a large tax rate. I do, however, understand the need for basic federal government programs to be funded. At the same time, we need to contain the wasteful spending in Washington and help reduce our growing national debt.